Elemental Analysis, Inc. recognizes that many of our clients develop and manufacture materials that may contain proprietary constituents that are considered important intellectual properties which they choose to protect and wish to restrict knowledge of from competitors and unauthorized individuals. In recognition of these considerations, EAI is sensitive to the need to protect our client’s confidentiality and as a result, has a policy in place to keep the content of all analytical results, transactions, communications and all other forms of interaction between Elemental Analysis, Inc. and its clients strictly confidential and will only release such information or detail to those authorized representatives of our clients who have been specifically identified by the client.


Upon request, EAI is more than willing to enter into a specific confidentiality agreement with our customers and will work within those terms and conditions as set forth in such agreements. Please be assured that we are willing to consider the development of any such agreement that a client may wish to negotiate on their behalf that protects the mutual business interests of both parties.



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