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Elemental Analysis, Inc. (EAI), a privately held company, is affiliated with our sister company, Element Analysis Corp (EAC), which provided industry with the first commercially dedicated PIXE laboratory in the world. EAI recognized the need for lower limits of detection and higher levels of accuracy – without compromising customer service. Since December 2000, EAI has provided all segments of industry with quick turn-around times and set the standard for reporting accuracy.


EAI provides both non-destructive and state of the art forms of analytical chemistry with limits of detection ranging from sub-percent, to as low as parts-per-quadrillion.


Among the specialized services EAI provides are:


Neutron Activation Analysis


Proton Induced X-ray Emission


Inductively Coupled Plasma


High Resolution ICP-Mass Spec


Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen by Combustion


Thermal Optical Analysis


X-ray Fluorescence


X-ray Absorption Fine Structure

The application of these technologies allows for unparalleled levels of accuracy and precision encompassing the elements of Hydrogen through Uranium, in liquid and solid sample matrices. EAI continues with EAC’s dedication and tradition of excellence in customer service with a similar commitment to provide these services with the best in technical assistance and customer care available anywhere.


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